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ECP – New method of treating glaucoma

We are the first in Poland to introduce the procedure of endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation.

Glaucoma treatment with the application of ECP method consists in inserting the probe of the diameter of approximately 1mm into the eyeball and coagulation of the epithelium of the ciliary body.
Efficiency of the method in therapy-resistant glaucoma reaches even 90%. In many patients after the procedure pharmacological treatment is not necessary any longer. The ECP procedure is safe and simple, possible to be applied in each form of glaucoma.
Indications to the ECP surgery always take place in the situation when:

  • Pharmacological control of glaucoma is not possible.
  • The patient suffers from stabilized glaucoma but he/she wants to eliminate pharmacological treatment.

Endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation is a procedure conducted in one-day surgery system. The cost of the procedure is 3000 PLN (for 1 eye). ECP is also performed within the framework of the National Health Fund.



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