Diabetes clinic

Our Diabetes Center is dedicated to prophylaxis, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. The facility also engages in educational activities, teaching self-control and dietary rules and promoting health and healthy habits. Specialist diabetic treatment is conducted by a team of three physicians through ambulatory care.

Patients entitled to free medical care must have a referral from their family physician or a specialist contracted with the National Health Fund. Patients without a referral can make use of the Center’s services for a fee. On the day of the appointment, you should report at the Center and have the following documents with you: your personal identity card, proof of insurance, and a referral.


dr Zofia Nakonieczna-Nitka – specialization in internal diseases, specialization in diabetology



OPENING HOURS Klinika: Poniedziałek ‑ Piątek: 8:00‑19:00
Salon optyczny: Poniedziałek ‑ Piątek: 8:00‑19:00
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