Ophthalmologic clinic

Our Ophthalmic Clinic is fitted with top quality equipment for comprehensive diagnostics of eye diseases. Our goal is a detailed diagnosis of the patient during the first visit and onset of suitable treatment as soon as possible.

The basic eye examination consists of:

  • examination of visual acuity and refraction following cycloplegia (pharmacological dilation of pupils)
  • assessment of the anterior eye segment using slit lamp
  • assessment of the fundus of the eye (following dilation of pupils)
  • measurement of intraocular pressure using either applanation tonometry or non-contact method.
  • selection of glasses and contact lenses

A series of additional examinations can be performed as well:

  • fluorescein angiography
  • OCT (optical coherence tomography) examination
  • pachymetry – measurement of the thickness of the cornea
  • biometry – measurement of the length of the eye and calculation of the power of the implant to be inserted
  • perimetry – automated visual field (including blue over yellow)
  • eye ultrasonography
  • ultrasound biomicroscopy
  • corneal endothelium examination using endothelial microscope
  • retinal laser


OPENING HOURS   Klinika: Pon ‑ Pt: 8:00‑19:00
   Salon optyczny: Pon ‑ Wt: 8:00‑19:00 Śr ‑ Pt: 8:00‑18:00
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